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Pulpotomy in Killeen

Can Rescue Your Child’s Tooth

Animation of the inside of the tooth

Most parents don’t actually know what a pulpotomy (also known as a pulpectomy) is, but this services can be extremely helpful in cases where a child has a badly infected “baby” tooth. Our team of pediatric dentists will carefully remove the infected tissue from within the tooth so that it can be restored and preserved until it’s ready to fall out naturally. If your son or daughter is complaining of a hurting tooth, don’t hesitate to contact Killeen Children’s Dental & Orthodontics in Harker Heights, TX.

What is Pulpotomy?

Pulpotomy can essentially be thought of as a younger sibling to the traditional root canal procedure. When a traumatic dental injury and/or advanced decay is able to penetrate the tooth and reach the vulnerable inner pulp, extreme pain and sensitivity follow. If this infection is left alone for too long, extraction is the likely end result. Our experienced dentists will recommend this procedure in order to avoid that and help your child maintain the tooth as long as they need to.

During pulpotomy, we will start by carefully removing the decay itself from the inner pulp chamber. This area is thoroughly sterilized; however, unlike the typical root canal procedure, we will leave the tooth’s nerves safely in place. We may also place a therapeutic dressing that helps preserve at least some of the tooth pulp. Once all of these important steps are completed, a dental crown is typically placed over the treated tooth in order to protect it.

Pulpotomy isn’t often recommended for permanent teeth, but our pediatric dentists may still suggest it if decay has infiltrated the pulp but left much of it still healthy. We can also perform what is known as a partial pulpotomy if the tooth’s roots are still in the process of forming. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like more information!