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Orthodontics in Killeen, TX

Beautifully Transform Children’s Smiles

Teen boy at school with braces

Does your son or daughter feel self-conscious about their crooked teeth? Are they unable to brush, floss, and eat like they should because their smile has significant gaps or crowding? Does your child grind her teeth or have jaw pain? At Killeen Children’s Dental & Orthodontics, our board-certified orthodontists are here to help.

Orthodontics are used for much more than just the appearance of your smile. It can fix teeth that are overcrowded, gapped or misaligned. It can also help improve bite problems, such as an open bite, underbite, overbite, or crossbite - even jaw development and arch issues. These conditions can cause serious concerns in your growing child and should be addressed through early intervention before they evolve into something more severe. If left untreated your child could be faced with jaw, neck and ear pain, headaches, teeth that are wearing from grinding, a deformed palate, difficulty chewing, and tooth misalignment - which increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

How amazing is it that orthodontics can improve all these problems, and help avoid the unwanted side effects?

At Killeen Children’s Dental & Orthodontics, we have the health and beauty of your child in mind. We have several orthodontic options available. We offer traditional braces, image-friendly Invisalign trays, and even more choices. Our orthodontists can help school-aged children and teenagers alike achieve the look (and function) that their smile deserves.

We’ll work closely with parents in order to ensure that the personalized treatment path we design for your child is right in every way. Contact our Harker Heights, TX practice today to get started with a consultation!


Teen girl with braces

Traditional orthodontics have truly stood the test of time. Metal braces and wires have been used for centuries to straighten teeth - and the reason why isn’t a mystery. It’s because they work! Conventional techniques are capable of helping children correct more serious dental issues that can affect the way they chew, their ability to clean their teeth, and even certain jaw problems. This reliable, time-tested treatment method achieves a beautifully confident smile in a predictable manner.

How do braces work? Rubber elastics hold an archwire in place, which is connected to the brackets and helps adjust the positioning of the bite. In an effort to help make the aesthetics a bit more fun for our young patients, we offer plenty of colors of rubber bands to choose from.

Your son or daughter can pick the perfect arrangement that shows off their personality or school colors!

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Clear Braces

Woman with straight smile

If you and your child want to find a more aesthetic alternative to traditional braces, then you’ve come to the right place. Our orthodontists offer clear braces as a more cosmetically pleasing option. Their components are virtually the same as regular orthodontics, and they provide the same results - but they’re clear or tooth-colored, which allows them to blend in with the teeth much better and makes them a more attractive option for a lot of our patients.

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Invisalign Teen

Teen girl with clear braces

Don’t want brackets or wires? No problem! Invisalign is a popular cosmetic orthodontic solution that’s available to most patients (including teens.) It uses clear plastic aligners that fit snuggly over the teeth, guiding them into the right position. Many people incorrectly believe that they’re limited to adult use. Though it is the highest sought out method of straightening teeth for our mature patients, it’s available for teens as well!

Invisalign Teen provides a nearly invisible look. Since no brackets or wires are needed, your son or daughter can look forward to straightening their teeth, without having to interrupt their busy social life.

The clear, customized aligners are fabricated from a replica of your teen’s teeth. They’re barely noticeable when worn, and they can be removed at any time for eating, brushing, or flossing. So, hygiene is so much faster and easier than with traditional braces. They’re perfect for busy, image-conscious teens on the go.

Each aligner is shaped slightly different, showing the stages of movement. They’re worn all the time (other than to eat, drink, brush or floss). Usually, a new one is inserted about every 2 weeks - so we give you several to take home at each visit. Periodically, our orthodontists will check to make sure everything is progressing along as it should and give you the next several sets of aligners. This orthodontic option is easy but also works quickly and effectively. When you come in for your consultation, let us know if you’d like to consider Invisalign Teen and we’ll be sure to discuss if it’s an option for your child!

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Vivera Retainers

Group of teens with straight healthy smile

Deciding to get braces is a big decision. It’s an investment for the parent and a commitment for the child. After undergoing months of straightening, the last thing you or your child will want is for the teeth to relapse back to their original, unwanted positions.

Thankfully, our Harker Heights orthodontists provide a form of retention that will ensure the teeth maintain their new positioning and protects your investment. Your individual needs will determine which type of retention plan is best for you, but it could be our unique Vivera Retainer.

Unlike some options, Vivera Retainers are a removable appliance. They look like Invisalign aligners and are made using the same technology. Being stronger than traditional retainers, they tend to last longer. The precise and secure fit does a great job of keeping smile improvements in place. Custom made Vivera Retainers are comfortable and highly effective as long as they’re used as instructed.

Most retainers are inserted and worn at night, several times a week. If for some reason you have to wear it during the day - there’s no need to worry since Vivera is nearly invisible. When the time comes, if Vivera Retainers are right for your son or daughter, they’ll be told exactly how and when to use them. As they wear out over time, periodic replacements will be needed.

Best of all, cleaning your teeth is as easy as ever with a Vivera Retainer. Just take it out before brushing. There’s no need for a special toothbrush or flossers.

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