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Dental Insurance Accepted

Dental insurance can seem like a minefield when you’re trying to navigate coverage for every member of the family. You probably have lots of questions about your specific plan as well. What can I expect to pay for out of my own pocket? Which dentists in the Killeen area take my plan? What services can I expect to be fully or partially covered? Here in Harker Heights, Killeen Children’s Dental & Orthodontics is proud to accept nearly all PPO insurance plans, and our team members are experts at guiding parents through the details of their coverage and helping them determine the best way to affordably provide their child with quality dental care. Please contact us today if you’d like more information!

What’s the Difference Between Medical Insurance and Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance primarily focuses on prevention-based treatment, and most plans will fully cover these important services. By regularly reviewing our patients’ smiles and treating problems at their earliest stages, we can keep growing smiles healthier and happier over the years; that’s why parents should be scheduling comprehensive exams, cleanings, dental sealants, professional fluoride treatment, and more at consistent intervals.

On the other side, medical insurance isn’t too focused on the power of prevention. Instead, these plans put a large majority of their resources into covering the costs of serious injuries and illnesses that may overwhelm patients. This is why medical coverage typically has a greater cost than dental coverage.

What Does Dental Insurance Regularly Cover?

Every dental insurance plan is different – in fact, you may even find several different tiers of coverage from the same provider! In most cases, you can expect your coverage to pay for vital preventive-based and diagnostic services fully. They should also partially cover necessary restorative services like fillings, root canals, and crowns. However, these benefits can spread over a wide range depending on the plan – usually somewhere between 80% and 50%.

It’s also important for families to keep in mind that virtually all common dental insurances include a strict cap on their yearly coverage. You can regularly expect to receive $1500 in assistance on a yearly basis. Paying a higher premium can increase this number in certain cases.

In-Network VS Out of Network Insurance Coverage

When you’re choosing a dentistry practice, one of the many things you should consider is whether or not the office is in-network with your dental benefits plan. At Killeen Children’s Dental & Orthodontics, we are happy to be in-network providers for a number of major benefit plans. Not only does that mean we regularly process and file claims for those benefit plans, it also ensures you receive the highest coverage for your dental treatments. As in-network providers, we have agreed to the pricing set by your insurance plan, and you will only need to cover your out of pocket percentage of treatments. Out of network providers can charge higher fees, and you will need to cover the difference in price as well as the out of pocket treatment costs.

What Dental Plans Does Killeen Children’s Dental & Orthodontics Accept?

Our practice accepts virtually all PPO insurance plans! We work with several major providers, including the following:

  • Guardian – Today, Guardian has over 7 million members and 114,000 doctors who are in-network with their plans. They have been a trusted name in insurance for over a century, helping patients save around 36% on their necessary dental procedures. They clearly hold themselves to high standards!

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  • MetLife – Metlife is committed to helping patients and whole families maintain lifelong oral health while also managing out-of-pocket expenses in an affordable fashion. They offer a wide variety of plans, including group coverage for all of the employees of a specific business or flexible plans that can follow patients even when they’re switching between jobs.

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  • Delta Dental – Delta Dental covers more Americans today than any other dental insurance provider here the United States! They’ve been in business since 1954 and are proud to offer accessible benefits to individuals, whole families, and employees. They believe everyone deserves to enjoy great oral health.

Your Medicaid Benefits

Maximize your Medicaid dental insurance benefits with help from the Harker Heights dentists and team at Killen Children’s Dental & Orthodontics. We are dedicated to helping patients of all ages make the most of their dental insurance coverage for all of their preventive and restorative dentistry needs. Any type of dental insurance can be complicated, but Medicaid coverage is especially complex. If you would like help with your policy, please don’t hesitate to ask our team. We will help you to understand the ins and outs of your Medicaid plan. We will always be happy to process and file your Medicaid insurance claims, and before beginning any procedure, we will take the time to provide an accurate estimate for your out of pocket costs.

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