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MetLife Dental Insurance

Dental insurance forms

The Killeen Children’s Dental & Orthodontics team is dedicated to helping kids and parents in Harker Heights and surrounding communities find more reasons to smile. One way we help patients get the care they need is by processing and filing dental insurance claims. This allows us to make sure that necessary dental care is affordable for our families. We are also in-network providers for a number of insurers, including MetLife. If you have questions about your dental insurance coverage, please call our team. We’ll be happy to help you with any of your dental insurance and financing questions, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Your MetLife Policy

patient taking selfie with dental teamYour MetLife insurance policy will be a unique agreement between you, your employer, and the insurer. Every month, you and/or your employer will pay an insurance premium to MetLife. This monthly fee allows your insurance provider to cover part of the cost of your necessary dental treatments. No two plans are exactly alike, but MetLife will cover a percentage of the cost of treatments up to a price they deem fair and average within the annual plan maximum. If that was about as clear as mud to you, you’re not alone. Basically, patients with MetLife will receive the following percentages of insurance payment:

  • 80 to 100% for preventive care
  • 50 to 80% for restorative care
  • 50 to 75% for orthodontic care when elected by the patient or employer

The Insurance Benefits of Preventive Care

Woman receiving dental examPatients of Killeen Children’s Dental Care know where we stand when it comes to preventive dentistry. We encourage parents to bring their little ones to the office every six months and establish consistent at-home oral hygiene plans. This preventive care is essential to maintaining healthy, happy smiles. It is also the easiest way to maximize your dental insurance coverage. Most preventive care is completely covered by MetLife, and by visiting us regularly to receive these preventive services, patients avoid the need for more advanced treatments that receive lower dental insurance coverage.

In-Network VS Out of Network Care

Woman in dental chair giving thumbs upIn-network dentists have agreements with dental insurance providers. These contracts establish the insurer’s fair and average pricing for covered services, and the in-network dentist will charge fees at or below the insurers fair pricing. That means you will only be responsible for the out of pocket costs of your dental care. Out of network dental providers are able to charge higher fees for their services, and you will still receive coverage from MetLife. However, you will need to pay the difference in price between the dentist’s fees and your insurer’s set pricing in addition to the out of pocket percentage of treatment costs. In most cases, this difference in pricing is negligible, but you can avoid these additional costs completely by visiting an in-network dentist.